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We are ridiculously excited to release this video for a few reasons.

First, this is the first-ever inside look at one of our twice a week dev calls. Most people see the external or finished product but don’t know all the crazy amounts of time and energy needed to bring these products to life.

While Zachary Dash is mostly the public-facing voice of XIO, there are dozens of ridiculously talented people working endless nights and days to make this happen. Hopefully, this is a nice intro to a few of them and the crazy diverse accents of the group!

Second, this video shares some never before released insight and information on the $100k Flashstaking Competition with some strategy behind it. Not only will this give the world their first hands-on use of the XIO Dapp with real money on the line, but we also anticipate the protocol will get battle-tested beyond belief.

While an audit is awesome, we feel this is the safest way to test how people try to manipulate the protocol in real-time.


XIO Social

For XIO Social, below are just some questions to jog some conversation and areas we would like input on, but feel free to expand into any topic or ways you think we can make the competition a success!

How can we make the competition better or fairer?

Can you think of any ways we can prevent people from “cheating”?

Are there any specific altcoins we should use? How should rewards be allocated? In what proportions? ie Should only one person win or should the top 10 people on the leaderboard?

From a marketing perspective, how can we spread the word around for the competition outside the XIO community? What questions do you have about the competition?

Make sure to also join the conversation on the Youtube + XSI + Twitter to get the full amount of Credits available.

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