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Anthony Scarpulla

1) What do you want us to call you?


2) Where are you from in the world? 

Upstate NY

3) What is one interesting fact about you? 

As a kid, I got slimed at Nickelodeon Studios in front of a live studio audience. It was oddly warm and tasted like liquid jello.

4) Outside of crypto, what is your biggest hobby? 

I spend way too much time trying to master DFS football (Draftkings), also collecting way too many vinyl records and books, and making music.

5) Outside of XIO/ETH/BTC, what is your favorite crypto project?

XRP. Justttt kidding, I honestly don’t have one besides XIO right now. I like Blockstack since they’re building an encrypted/decentralized alternative to G-Suite tools that we can already mess around with and use.

6) What is your favorite movie? 

Sorry to Bother You. It’s an absurdist, trippy critique of capitali, the corporate ladder, about self-deception and so much more. It’s well worth the watch (much better than the trailer I’d say)

7) What is your favorite book/podcast?

Can’t choose one. Anything by Martin Shaw, Religion of the Future by Seraphim Rose, Ensouling Language by Stephen Harrod Buehner, Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs by Tristan Gulley.

8) Share a link to a song you like! –

9) When did you buy your first crypto?


10) What is something you’re passionate about?

I’m not there at all yet beyond the vision in my mind, but homesteading, living off the land/regenerative agriculture fascinates me. To me, the future in a sense, is a way back. Let’s call it FARM-staking lol (investing into skills/way of life now, that will pay off long-term).

I don’t see the current path the Western world is on as being sustainable, and as systems inevitably collapse and crumble, those who’ve gone “back in time” and learned how to live off of/with the land shall be somewhat sheltered from the storm. I don’t want to be dependent on any outside grocery chain for sustenance. My goal is to have 30-40 acres of land, grow my own food and have chickens and goats and such, and be fairly self-sufficient. I’d love to make it all into a YT channel, charting/sharing this process too!