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Welcome to Episode 1 of the Around the Block!

Episode One features Stani Kulechov, the Founder of Aave, one of DeFi’s most successful projects to date. Aave is an open-source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets.

In this interview, Lea Thompson (aka @Girl Gone Crypto) and Stani covered a lot of ground:

  • How Stani’s made the jump into the crypto space
  • The shift from Ethlend to Aave
  • How to find great team members/identifying peoples “super powers”
  • How to bridge the crypto knowledge gap for family/friends
  • Staying level-headed in the crypto realm
  • Aave V2

2:50 – Start

3:11 – Stani Before Crypto/What Lead Stani Into Crypto Space

4:07 – First Learned About Crypto?

5:38 – Stani’s Transition Into Going Full-Time Crypto

7:04 – What Stani likes about Startup Culture

9:00 – Transition from Ethlend to Aave

10:47 – Inspiration Behind Building Aave

12:10 – How to find good team members

14:05 – Identifying Peoples Superpowers

15:40 – Hardest Parts About Building Aave

17:45 – Staying Level Headed in Crypto Space

19:47 – How to Bridge the Crypto Knowledge Gap for Family/Friends

21:56 – Aavegotchi

24:20 – Aave v2

27:02 – If he could change one thing about the Crypto industry, what would it be?