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Welcome to Episode Two of the Around the Block!

Episode Two features the founder of ENS (Ethereum Name Service) Domains, Nick Johnson. In this interview, Lea Thompson (aka @Girl Gone Crypto) and Nick covered:

  • How he became an overnight celebrity at 14 years old for creating a Y2K bug fix
  • What keeps him motivated to continue building ENS
  • ENS overview – how to search for ENS names
  • Future Layer 2 solutions and integrations
  • What he’s most excited for within Ethereum
  • Advice for anyone looking to build within Crypto Space

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2:15 How Nick Programmed a Y2K Bug Fix at 14 Years Old?!

5:45 Before Crypto | What Lead Nick to ENS?

7:56 What Is ENS? Motivation to Build It?

10:05 How to Check Out Available ENS Names

10:46 What Keeps Him Motivated to Keep Building ENS

12:44 ENS Overview

15:17 Passions Outside of Crypto

17:50 Under the Radar Projects He Likes

19:32 What’s He Most Excited About Within Ethereum & ENS?

23:37 Who Inspires Nick?

26:22 Advice For Anyone Looking to Build In Crypto Space?

27:40 Closing