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Welcome to Episode Three of the Around the Block!

Episode Three features the founder of Sablier Finance, Paul Berg. Sablier enables you to get paid via crypto throughout the entire month, instead of just weekly or bi-monthly. In this interview, Lea Thompson (aka @Girl Gone Crypto) and Paul covered:

  • Working through bugs and roadblocks
  • Inspiration behind Sablier, intentionally making it open-source
  • How to focus on one project, overcome distractions
  • Acquisition by Mainframe

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Paul Pre-Crypto – 4:09

Jumping Full-Time into Crypto – 6:00

Motivation Behind Creating Sablier – 6:32

Building Blocks of Sablier – 7:27

Working Through Roadblocks/Bugs – 9:41

Advice For Someone Looking to Startup in Crypto Space – 11:41

How to Stay Focused Amongst Crypto Distractions – 13:42

Acquisition Experience – 16:02

What Differentiates Sablier From Other Platforms? – 18:24

What’s Next For Sablier? – 19:41

What Excites/Interests Paul Outside of Crypto? – 20:30

If He Could Change One Thing About the Crypto Space, What Would It Be? – 22:43

Outro – 24:24