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Welcome to Episode Four of the Around the Block, featuring Jordan Lyall!

Jordan Lyall is is the DeFi product lead at ConsenSys, leading the team building the DeFi Score and other projects. Prior to joining ConsenSys, Lyall ran the product team at Totle, a DEX liquidity network.

And oh yeah, he’s the Chief Meme officer at $MEME , which was born after he went viral on Twitter for jokingly advertising a phony project that could allow users to “Spin up a new DeFi project in as little as 5 minutes.”

In this interview, Lea Thompson (aka @Girl Gone Crypto) and Jordan covered:

  • His journey down the crypto rabbit hole
  • The wild story behind the accidental creation of $MEME
  • Intersection of creativity in tech in the NFT world
  • How to retain great crypto talent

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Timestamps: 2:05 – Jordan’s Background 3:22 – Acquired By JibJab 3:53 – Transition Into Crypto 6:02 – Origins of @Don’tBuyMeme 13:21 – Fallout of Future Government Regulations? 14:17 – DeFi Score Overview 18:50 – Difference Between Running A Company In Crypto vs. More Traditional Sectors? 21:25 – Tips to Retain Great Talent in Crypto? 23:05 – Any Under the Radar Projects He’s Into? 26:25 – Intersection of Creativity and Tech in NFTs 27:36 – Passion’s Outside of Crypto? 29:16 – Advice For Someone Looking To Build In Crypto 30:32 – Closing