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Around The Block | Episode 5

Welcome to Episode Five of the Around the Block, featuring Niran Babalola.

Niran Babalola is the Founder of Panvala, a the sustainable treasury for communities to share. With their PAN token, Panvala subsidize’s communities, in the same way that Bitcoin subsidizes its security. Check them out at

In this interview, Lea Thompson (aka @Girl Gone Crypto) and Niran covered:

  • His journey down the crypto rabbit hole
  • Advice for someone who has a crypto business idea, but no clue on where to start
  • Tips for community building in crypto
  • Difference’s between running a decentralized project vs. traditional company

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1. 2:55 – ┬áNiran B.C – Before Crypto

2. 7:40 – Transition Into Working Full-Time in Crypto

3. 9:54 – Inspiration Behind Building His Own Project – Panvala

4. 12:47 – Advice for Someone Who Has A Crypto Business Idea, But No Idea Where to Start?

5. 15:10 – How To Stay Focused In Crypto?

6. 18:07 – Messaging/Branding of Project Early On?

7. 20:38 – How to Simplify Your Message

8. 22:45 – Tips for Community Building

9. 25:27 – Difference’s Between Running a Decentralized Project vs. Traditional Company

10. 28:42 – Passions Outside of Crypto?

11. 31:04 – Closing