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In this interview, we share the story of how Jeff Kirdeikis, a yoga circus firefighter, got scammed for every dollar he owned and eventually become the founder of Some of the questions we ask Jeff during this episode:

  • 01:37 What was Jeff doing before crypto and got him into the industry?
  • 4:30 Share a time in your entrepreneur journey that didn’t go as planned and how did you overcome it?
  • 7:45 What is Uptrennd and why did you build it?
  • 9:30 Where is the balance between freedom of speech of social media being legally compliant? How does Uptrennd plan to juggle this?
  • 12:46 Will the world of social crypto have one monoply leader or several different smaller websites succeeding?
  • 15:55 How does Uptrennd differentiate itself? How will this evolve over time?
  • 18:50 Do you feel Uptrennd is democratic?
  • 19:35 What advice to you give to people who don’t perform an ICO or raise upfront capital?
  • 22:22 Can you explain the tokenomics behind 1UP tokens and what to look forward to in the future?
  • 27:00 With so many tokens currently held in cold storage, what would you tell token holders on how these will come into circulation? 30:52 What is the most requested feature from the Uptrennd community? What should people get excited about?
  • 33:30 How are you going to keep users on Uptrennd enthralled over time as opposed to Steemit?
  • 38:40 If there is a blockchain startup that most people haven’t heard of, what is it?