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If you read through the following article, you will understand 99% of what you need to know about Blockzero. Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

What is Blockzero?

Blockzero is a decentralized autonomous organization with a mission to build, launch, and scale the next generation of Web3 startups.

The entire success or failure of Blockzero can be measured through one simple thing: The Vortex

The Vortex is a development fund managed by the Blockzero DAO. Inside it contains an index of native tokens from various blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. All value captured or created by Blockzero is deposited into the Vortex.

The native token of Blockzero that makes all this possible is called XIO.

The only way to remove assets from the Vortex is through the voting, staking, or burning of XIO. In this model, the XIO token governs and aligns the incentives of the entire ecosystem.

If the Citizens utilize the dev funds inefficiently, the TVL within the Vortex will decrease. If, however, the Citizens utilize the dev funds efficiently to build innovative projects that push the industry forward, the TVL within the Vortex will increase.

The Divisions

To help grow the Vortex, Blockzero is divided into three separate divisions. Each division has a unique purpose, focus, and goal.

  1. Blockzero Labs | Think
  2. Blockzero Studio | Create
  3. Blockzero Accelerator | Grow

1) Blockzero Labs | Think

Blockzero Labs is the research division of Blockzero.

Division Overview

Through a community of curious and contrarian thinkers called Blockzero Citizens, the focus of this division is to explore experimental ideas in a collaborative environment.

In Blockzero Labs, Citizens are encouraged to provide their talents, feedback, and liquidity to help grow the ecosystem. In exchange for these services, Blockzero Citizens can participate in various XIO Mining programs.

More info on the mining programs will be mentioned later in the article.

Citizens are encouraged to help Blockzero Labs in various ways such as:

2) Blockzero Studio | Create

The Blockzero Studio is the development division of Blockzero.

Division Focus

The focus of the Blockzero Studio is to build experimental and innovative blockchain technologies.

100% of any revenue, fees, or tokens generated from the technologies built through the Studio are deposited directly into the Blockzero Vortex. This value can be anything from ecosystem upgrades that help bring value to other blockchain projects (i.e. Dropzero) to native digital tokens.

Some of the development areas that the Blockzero Studio provides are:

To date, the Blockzero Studio is responsible for the creation of:

3) Blockzero Accelerator | Growth Division

The Blockzero Accelerator is the growth division of Blockzero.

Division Focus

The vision for the Accelerator is to be the Y Combinator of the decentralized world.

Through a 3-week program, each project receives:

A separate article about the Accelerator will be released shortly this week.

In the final week of the Accelerator, Citizens will be able to stake their XIO tokens into the Vortex and simultaneously earn yield from all the participating projects.

Our goal is to host multiple cohorts per year while doubling the number of projects in each batch until we reach 24 projects per batch.

Anyone who refers a project to the Accelerator that gets accepted will earn $2000 worth of XIO tokens.

Business Model

Projects who are accepted to the Accelerator are required to deposit a portion of their native tokens into the Blockzero Vortex. These deposits turn into yield opportunities for XIO holders.

Essentially — projects are swapping yield generating opportunities with Blockzero.

The projects who apply for the Blockzero Accelerator must have a native token.

The Blockzero Accelerator will be opening our first cohort of three projects in the coming weeks. If you would like to apply, go here.

The Vortex

The entire incentive layer for the Blockzero ecosystem is made possible by the Vortex — a decentralized development fund controlled by the Blockzero DAO. Any tokens or fees generated through Blockzero are deposited into the Vortex.

The Vortex itself is separated into three sections, each with a unique purpose.

1) Treasury

The tokens inside this section are used for general expenses like development, operations, and marketing. The only way to get tokens outside of this Orbit is through voting with XIO tokens.

2) Yield

The tokens inside this section are used to provide yield incentives to the XIO token. The only way to get assets outside of this Orbit is through the staking of XIO.

3) Collateral

The tokens inside this section are used to provide a collateralized backstop to the XIO token. The only way to get tokens outside of this Orbit is through the burning of XIO.

If you would like to learn more about governance or make a proposal, go here.

The Tokenomics

XIO is the native token of Blockzero that fuels the entire ecosystem. There are three utilities for the XIO token.

There were initially 25M tokens given away to active community members in October of 2019. The remaining tokens were separated into three different wallets to fund Liquidity Mining, Mental Mining, and Talent Mining expenses.

The Governance

There are currently three types of individuals that help govern the Blockzero DAO ecosystem: Citizens + Core + Council

1) Citizens

The responsibility of a Blockzero Citizen is to provide feedback, insight, and direction to the ecosystem through participating in collaborative discussions and voting on proposals.

The reward for being a Citizen is the ability to participate in Blockzero Mining programs while attaining permissionless access to the Blockzero Vortex.

Anyone can join as a Citizen by filling out the Blockzero Citizenship Application and becoming an XIO token holder.

2) Core

The responsibility of a Blockzero Core member is to offer their talents or abilities to the ecosystem on a consistent and long-term basis. Some core roles can include positions like blockchain engineer, growth hacker, or support leads.

The reward for being on the Core is the ability to help build the future of Blockzero while receiving Talent Mining rewards.

Anyone can apply to become part of the core by filling out a Blockzero Core Proposal and submitting it to the Blockzero DAO.

3) Council

The responsibility of a Blockzero Council member is to participate in weekly governance calls and provide strategic guidance to pushing the Blockzero ecosystem forward.

There are no financial incentives to being a part of the Council.

Any current member can be nominated and added or removed from the Council through a majority Council vote.

Blockzero is currently in Phase 2.0 of a three-phase system to decentralization


Blockzero currently has three primary ways to earn XIO tokens through various mining opportunities: Liquidity + Mental + Talent Mining

1) Liquidity Mining

The XIO Liquidity Mining Program (XLP for short) currently allows anyone to earn up to 180% APY. All you have to do to participate is add 1 ETH + 1 ETH worth of XIO tokens to Uniswap v2.

Currently, there is no staking required. You simply add the liquidity and hold onto the UNI-V2 LP token and will be able to claim XIO rewards on a monthly basis through the XIO claims dapp.

To learn more, go here.

2) Mental Mining

The XIO Mental Mining Program allows anyone to earn up to $1000 per month by simply participating in Blockzero governance discussions and providing input or feedback on #XIOfeedback posts.

To learn more, go here.

3) Talent Mining

The XIO Talent Mining Program allows anyone to offer their skills or abilities to Blockzero Labs and earn XIO tokens.

If accepted, you join the Blockzero Core and earn tokens on a bi-weekly basis. There are no minimums or maximum amounts of tokens you can earn.

To you would like to participate, you need to go here and make a Core Proposal.

There may be various Mining program opportunities that open up in the future.

Next Steps

If you made it to this point, you now know a majority of what you need to get started in the Blockzero ecosystem. Here are some quick links to continue down your journey through the decentralized world.

  1. Become a Blockzero Citizen:
  2. Follow the Socials:
  3. Liquidity Mining:
  4. Mental Mining:
  5. Website: