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The Vision

In the physical world, one asteroid in space has more gold than all of the earth combined. If successfully mined, the total value of this asteroid would equal over $10,000 quadrillion and the price of gold across the world would crumble.

In the digital world, we believe there is an even greater asteroid in the making. One with more scarcity, utility, and composability. This asteroid is called Ethereum, and the asset inside it is called ETH.

The Yield

The transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is not just a linear advancement in technology, but an exponential step forward for humanity.

The cost of creating value in the digital world continues to decrease while the impact of our creations continues to increase.

The Mission

To capture this opportunity, we built a digital Spacecraft called Blockzero.

The mission of Blockzero is to build, launch, and scale the next generation of projects into the decentralized world.

The current north star for our Moon Mission: 100,000 ETH.

The Objectives

Blockzero is the digital Spacecraft we built to connect humans from around the world who want to be part of this journey with us. Our objectives are clear:

  • Escape the current constraints and limitations of the earth (Web 2.0)
  • Explore the ever-expanding opportunity of space (Web 3.0)
  • Earn yield from the new planets we discover and colonize (Startups)

The Divisions

Within Blockzero, we have three primary sections of the Spacecraft.

  • The Labs: Where we navigate the Spacecraft.
  • The Studio: Where we build our own native colonies.
  • The Accelerator: Where we help other colonies grow.

The Planets

Sometimes, the planets we explore are uninhabitable and our explorers must evacuate the colonies.

Every now and then, however, with the right operators, catalysts, and engineers — something interstellar happens. We strike gold.

Or, in our case, we strike ETH.

The North Star

ETH is the universal currency of the decentralized world.

Unlike the NASA moon mission, the distance of our Moon Mission is not measured in miles but is measured in ETH.

Instead of traveling 238,855 miles to the moon as NASA did in 1969, our goal is to generate 100,000 ETH for something we call the Vortex.

The Vortex

On earth, when a farm is successful, it produces crops. These crops come in a variety of foods and flavors.

In space, when a planet we create is successfully colonized, it generates something called yield. The yield we produce comes in a variety of tokens.

When any of our planets generate yield, we redirect these tokens into the Vortex — a treasury managed by the inhabitants of Blockzero.

The Currency

Within the Blockzero Spacecraft, we have a native currency called XIO. It has three primary purposes.

  • Governance: How we choose where the Spacecraft is going.
  • Liquidity: How we fuel the Spacecraft through time and space.
  • Remittance: How we reward the individuals who help our mission.

The Passengers

On the Blockzero Spacecraft, there are three primary passengers.

  • Citizens: Complete various Mining Programs
  • Core: Work on the Spacecraft on a daily basis
  • Council: Manage the Spacecraft and assets within the Vortex.

The Process

Our goal to generate 1M ETH is a difficult one, so we need all the help we can get. To join in on the Moon Mission, follow the three following steps:

Step One | Citizenship

Become a Blockzero Citizen by attaining any amount of XIO tokens. You can get these off Uniswap or earn them through various Mining Programs.

Step Two | Passport

Create a Passport and receive a unique identifier for the decentralized world. This helps you safely navigate through your space journey.

Step Three | Start Mining

During the Mission, Citizens can participate in various Mining Programs to increase their XIO ownership throughout the voyage.

  • Mental Mining: Navigate the Spacecraft through the digital abyss with your brain power and earn up to $2500/month
  • Liquidity Mining: Fuel the Spacecraft by pairing your XIO with ETH and various other tokens to earn up to 90% APY
  • Talent Mining: Operate the Spacecraft on a daily basis using your unique abilities and skillsets to earn a consistent stream of XIO.
  • Bounty Mining: Complete various tasks on the Spacecraft on an as-needed basis and earn XIO in the process.
  • Advisor Mining: Guide the Spacecraft and connect us with various other planets to earn upside in our voyage.

The Reset

The financial world as we know it is about to be reset and we want to be the ones to push the button.

Join the Blockzero Moon Mission, come aboard the spacecraft, and help us reach our 100,000 ETH destination.

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