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With the launch of our flagship project on New Years and the reveal of our next token on January 15th, it is more important than ever that we discuss how we should focus and prioritize our energy/resources with $XIO.

While we have a 17 person team that is growing, we are looking for feedback on how you – the Citizens – want us to allocate our resources (dev, marketing, operations).

Although it will be a balance of the two and change over time, would you rather see us put more energy into developing future tokens, or growing the dApps/ecosystem of $FLASH?

As a side note, our goal is to build a 100+ core family in 2021. If you would like to get more involved and feel you have some skills to help us scale Blockzero, please make the time to reach out on Telegram.

Timestamps for the video can be seen below:

What Are XIO Feedback Questions? – 0:15
How Do We Best Allocate Time/Energy Moving Forward? – 0:42
Community Reaction to FLASH – 2:30
3 Potential FLASH dApps – 2:45
What Are Your Thoughts? – 3:10
Team Break News – 4:00
Revealing Our Next Token (Jan 15th) – 5:01
Previous dApps or Future Projects? – 5:42