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Want to earn up to 1000 $XIO just for making a quick video? Here is how you do it.

  1. When is live, record yourself doing a Flashstake (does not have to be your first flashstake, Zachary Dash mispoke in the video)
  2. This can be through your smart phone, screen capture, anything!
  3. Upload the video to Twitter (2:20 minute max) and Youtube!


Make sure to incorporate the following items in your Tweet + Youtube title:

  1. $FLASH
  2. @Flashstake
  3. Your XID (If you don’t have an XID, you need to create one here)



  1. 1000 XIO = Most creative
  2. 750 XIO = Second most creative
  3. 500 XIO = Third most creative
  4. 100 XIO = Anyone who participates and posts decent quality video.=

To be eligible to participate, the XID wallet you’re using must have had at least 100 $XIO at the time of 00:00 UTC New Years 2021. Deadline is January 3rd at 6:00am UTC