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More than six months ago, we launched the XIO Social Initiative (XSI) as a way to reinvest in our amazing community. Since launch, over $500,000 of rewards have been paid to Citizens for providing much needed feedback, insight, and engagement to our development process.

Today, we are welcoming the new leader of the XSI program, Jörno, to help us restructure and re-imagine our social initiatives. There will be four changes that will be implemented effective immediately (October 15th, 2020).

0:02 Who is Jörno?
3:10 Why did Jörno want to get involved with XIO
6:00 What is Jörno’s background with psychology?
10:21 What items about XSI is Jörno most passionate about changing?
16:00 More Ways to Earn with Sponsored Posts
22:52 Different Hashtags for Different Goals
33:13 Adjusted Snapshot Timeline
35:30 Clear Grading System and Expectations
37:48 The future of XSI
41:00 Closing remarks

For those that have been involved with XIO, you definitely recognize Jörno, an always consistent voice of perspective with the community and telegram group.

With over 10 years of higher level education in social and organizational psychology, it came as no surprise as to why he was consistently a top ranker within the XSI Leaderboard. While Jörno could have just focused on himself and how to protect his 10% per month earnings, he began to think of ways to step up and give back to XIO.

Two months ago, Jorno noticed a need for a central hub of communication and led the creation of the XSI Forum. Given his experience of designing/organizing team buildings and learning workshops of different kinds, his background in work and organizational psychology and noticing his passion for all things around XIO Social, today we are officially appointing Jorno as the Head of XSI and bringing him on-board the XIO Council.

His responsibilities will include:
– Overseeing all grading of XSI Credits
– Strategic positioning to help scale the XSI
– Help plan and create XSI discussions (moderate and facilitate these where needed)
– Assist with evaluating selected discussions and providing feedback to the community
– Focus on further development of the forum

If you want an in detail breakdown of Jörno’s updates to XSI, head over to the XIO Social Forum and earn some XIO Credits:…

You can also earn XSI Credits by liking and commenting #XIOfeedback on this video or on twitter directly.