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Yesterday we successfully completed crypto’s first ever cross-token Flashstake. You can view the screenshot here:…

No third party protocols or exchanges used. 100% permissionless.

Stake $DAI. Receive $LINK. Powered by $XIO.

Here is what’s happening: User decides they want to stake 10,000 $DAI for 1 Year. The staked token, reward token, quantity and duration can be chosen by the user. Instantly, user receives full 88 $LINK into their wallet.

In one year, the user can withdraw their entire 10,000 DAI balance. Or, if they choose to, user can perform an “Early Withdraw” and pay a fee in the process.

These accumulated fees help $XIO fight inflation and retain value by increasing the amount of collateral within the protocol. These fees can only be earned and withdrawn by staking $XIO.

Whitepaper and audited source code will be made available when we transition from Platform (Phase 2.0) to Protocol (Phase 3.0)

If you want to join us on this journey to decentralization, make sure to apply for XIO Citizenship.