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We are excited to announce that Ivan has officially joined the Network as a Council member to help further bring the XIO vision to life. More than his influence and leadership within the space, we believe Ivan will play a critical role in helping us research, identify, and on-board potential blockchain startups into the XIO staking ecosystem.

Additionally, XIO has always believed passionate individuals should not be limited by the lack of capital or resources to succeed. For this reason, XIO will now offer two Citizens per month a 100% free scholarship and enrollment to Ivan on Tech’s Blockchain Academy.

Offering this early-level education is a huge step in providing ambitious and talented Citizens within our Network the skills they need to launch projects of their own into the decentralized world.

Make sure to thumbs up the video, welcome Ivan, and share your biggest takeaway from the interview in the comments below.

  • 0:03 Boom Shakalaka!
  • 0:27 Intro + Agenda
  • 0:52 Zachary Dash story of joining crypto
  • 1:28 How Ivan getting hacked on Runescape at 8-years old set him down a path of programming
  • 6:25 Don’t trust people online
  • 6:55 How does programming provide leverage to people with limited capital or resources? What industries are impacted by programming the most?
  • 11:36 How do you build communities in crypto? Is it important? What are the qualities you need to build a strong community?
  • 16:15 What do entrepreneurs need to succeed? How do you build teams to scale?
  • 21:05 Are you building something you actually care about?
  • 21:45 How do you define Defi? What qualities do Defi projects have?
  • 24:20 ICO vs. Defi?
  • 26:13 Why did you reach out about XIO? What intrigued you about it? What qualities do you look for in altcoins and early crypto projects?
  • 30:45 The importance of crypto founders and team members
  • 32:00 XIO vs. ICO Model
  • 33:34 Officially introducing Ivan as an XIO Council Member
  • 34:00 Two XIO Citizens per month getting free scholarships to Ivan on Tech Academy
  • 37:40 The importance to understanding programming even if you aren’t a programmer.
  • 38:30 If there was one thing you could change in the world, what would it be an why?
  • 42:18 Why college and higher education is broken. How do we fix it?
  • 42:46 Ivan Coin?
  • 43:45 Do you care about college degrees? Student loan bubble?
  • 45:05 What will your verse be?