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Jorn Degenhardt

1) What do you want us to call you?

Jörn or Jorno

2) Where are you from in the world?

Small Town somewhere in Germany.

3) What is one interesting fact about you?

I always believe in the good in people and am really patient with most of them.

Apart from that, I believe myself to be mostly “normal” 😎

4) Outside of crypto, what is your biggest hobby?
I have a little dog, an Italian Greyhound :dog2:

5) Outside of XIO/ETH/BTC, what is your favorite crypto project?
I tried to follow several projects more closely but all of my energy is with XIO now.
Still, every once in a while I look at:
  • Incognito PRV (for awesome community engagement)
  • DFOhub (for being cool Italian programmer dudes with interesting ideas)
  • Orion Protocol (creating a universal crypto gateway)
  • NOIA (to run on top of the internet)
  • Dfinity (aiming to replace the $3.9 trillion dollar legacy IT stack)
6) What is your favorite movie?
Cloud Atlas (2013 – everything is connected)
7) What is your favorite book/podcast?
8) Share a link to a song you like!
If you like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers you might just love this…
It’s well worth watching all 15 Minutes but make sure to at least jump here
9) When did you buy your first crypto?
Around May 2017.
10) What is something you’re passionate about?
My family