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James T.

1) What should we call you?


2) Where are you from in the world?


3) What is one interesting fact about you?

I’ve helped build a DEX from scratch as well as a few other blockchain products. Since 2019 I have been working on

4) Outside of crypto, what is your biggest hobby?

Reading, research and recently I started playing a bit of disc golf. My startup takes a large portion of my “free” time

5) Outside of XIO/ETH/BTC, what is your favorite crypto project?

That I hold? ARK. Otherwise XMR and ADA.

6) What is your favorite movie?


7) What is your favorite book/podcast?

Influence – The power of persuasion

8) Share a link to a song you like!

9) When did you buy your first crypto?

I started working for crypto in 2017. Never bought any.

10) What is something you’re passionate about?

Decentralization, owning your own data and financial empowerment.