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1) What do you want us to call you?


2) Where are you from in the world?

Germany, Bielefeld

3) What is one interesting fact about you?

I have an almost 1:1 Harry Potter scar on my forehead for falling through a glass door, head first.

4) Outside of crypto, what is your biggest hobby?

Everything related to Music, Concerts, LPs, Festivals. Recently got a guitar to fight Covid boredom at home.

5) Outside of XIO/ETH/BTC, what is your favorite crypto project?

I don’t have a favorite beside ETH and XIO. I’m always curious for different Projects tho.

6) What is your favorite movie?

Django Unchained

7) What is your favorite book/podcast?

My favorite book is Tulipomania written by Mike Dash.

Podcast, I enjoy the Kryptoshow from Julian Hosp

8) Share a link to a song you like!

9) When did you buy your first crypto?

Must have been early 2017.

10) What is something you’re passionate about?

Learning new Stuff most of the time. If I find something that sparks my interest, I more than often go all in research/learning mode until I surrender or got it at the end.