Mission: Task Force (Pending Activation)

Sometimes unpredictable emergencies arise and we need your timely help to keep our trajectory. Complete one-time tasks and get paid upon completion.

  • Status: Pending Activation
  • Yield Potential: Unlimited
  • Duration: Intermittent


Be the first to complete the task and earn the corresponding yield.

AquaFi Bug Bounty ($2,500+)

AquaFi is a new planet we are exploring and we need your help making sure it is safe. Deep inside the code, we have hidden a bug for someone to discover. Find the bug and report it back to use before anyone else.


Accelerate the Accelerator ($5,000)

Blockzero is looking for new planets to explore. Find a project for our accelerator project. If we create a yield mission with them, you will receive $5,000. No questions asked. If you think you have found a project, click the button below.


Recruit a CTO ($10,000)

Blockzero is in need of a CTO-level engineer to help build the Spacecraft. Find this person and bring them to us. If we hire them and they stay with the project for 6+ months, you will receive a $10,000 bounty. If you think you have found a candidate, click the button below.