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In an effort to reward long term supporters of the Uptrennd platform, the XIO Network has agreed to drop XIO tokens to 1UP token holders. A snapshot will be taken on January 14th. To be eligible for this XIO Token drop, there are three items you must complete.

1) Become an official XIO Citizen with a valid XID by January 14th

XIO Citizens are responsible for staking and supporting early stage blockchain startups. For their efforts, they are rewarded with exclusive altcoin distributions.


2) Earn over XIO Credits through the XIO Social Initiative

XIO is built on community. The XIO Social Initiative (XSI) provides daily giveaways and social earning opportunities to engaged and interactive Citizens. Click the link below to learn more on how to earn Credits.

The amount of XIO Tokens you earn for staking 1UP is calculated by how many XIO Credits you earn before March 31st.

  • 3 Credits: Earn 1 XIO Token for every 1000 1UP you stake.
  • 100 Credits: 1 XIO Token for every 250 1UP you stake.
  • 250 Credits: Earn 1 XIO Token for every 100 1UP you stake.

3) Send 1UP Tokens to the Designated Stake Address by January 14th

Your 1UP tokens will be locked for three months. Make sure to send from the same ETH address you have connected to your XID or you will not be eligible.

To stake your 1UP Tokens, please send any amount of tokens to the Desingated 1UP Stake Address:


Final Thoughts

After you have done these three items and properly qualified, you will be sent your 1UP + XIO Tokens in three months. The maximum XIO Tokens that can be awarded per Citizen is 10,000.