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Hey Citizens! We are excited to officially announce the launch of

One of the most used websites in crypto is Etherscan. Users can enter their Ethereum address and view all Ethereum related transactions. Up to this point, we have not had this ability within XIO.

Seeing this need in the community, Steve Eth (the guy you always see at the top of the XSI) decided to take on the challenge and set out to build a solution: XIO.TO

You can now go to this website, enter your XID, and view an entire history of your account.

Were you ever sent rewards from XSI? Now you can see it. Did you ever add tokens to the XLP? Now you can track it.

While this is already light-years ahead of what has been available for Citizens previously, our goal is to add more and more features to the site to where it eventually becomes the central hub for Citizens. A few of these features we have brainstormed include:

  1. View your up-coming monthly rewards from XLP, XSI, and the Insider in real-time!
  2. Login with your wallet to change your socials, email, phone number
  3. A short-url ( to view all your stats and send to people. Other people could then view your short-url and Stake XIO on your behalf. You keep the interest.

These are just a few examples of items we are exploring but we need your help! XIO Social Credits available by answering these questions on the Youtube Video: What other features should Steve develop? If there was a central hub for XIO Citizens, what abilities would you expect to see?

If this is an area you are passionate about helping with this (maybe even help us design the logo), we have a telegram group to brainstorm together:

0:50 Intro
2:17 What is Steve’s intro into XIO? When and why did he get involved?
4:50 Steve joins the XIO Council
6:00 What is Steve’s background?
8:55 What does offer Citizens? How do you invision is changing in the future?
10:14 Screenshare walk-through of website
23:00 How does it feel to work on XIO? What are you passionate about?
27:48 What are some projects outside of XIO you like?
34:00 Reserve Token
35:25 If there was one thing you could change about the world, what would it be and why?