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Tokens for Tweets

Today, we are testing a new Blockzero Labs campaign called Tokens for Tweets. The purpose of this campaign is to empower and compensate Citizens for crowdsourcing content onto social media while decentralizing the social influence of power.

In short, if you help us create content for Blockzero on Twitter, you will earn tokens! Here is how it works:


The Process

Step One: Create an educational, engaging, informative, or inquisitive tweet

Step Two: Tag the relevant project account (@BlockzeroLabs, @Flashstake, @AquaFiProtocol)

Step Three: If we retweet it, you will earn tokens and be able to claim them during the monthly distributions on the Claims Dapp.

If we retweet you, make sure to DM the @BlockzeroLabs twitter account with your XID.



If we retweet from any of our accounts (Blockzero, Flashstake, AquaFi), it means we found your tweet valuable and you will earn $20 worth of $XIO, $FLASH or $AQUA (paid out before the 20th of each month of the Claims Dapp)

Tweet as much as you want. There is no limit on how many tokens you can earn.



Each month, the top three tweets as decided by the Blockzero Labs Council will earn the following.

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50


To rank higher, some (but not all) of the criteria we will be looking for tweets that are:

  1. Highly engaging to the community through replies and interactions
  2. Reaching a large amount of people through retweets or shares
  3. High quality pieces of content like custom videos or graphics

Types of Content

Want to increase your chances of getting retweeted? There are four primary types of content we expect to see.

  1. Educational: This can be an infographic, cool stat, or even just a meme that explains a concept to the mainstream audience.
  2. Update: Did we release a video, make an announcement, or hit some milestone? Update tweets are time-relevant content that help bring awareness to something happening within the Blockzero Labs Universe.
  3. Question: Have a proposal or question for the community? Looking for feedback on an idea/concept? Ask a question or request feedback through a tweet!
  4. Micro: We make tons of long form content on Youtube. If you slice up your favorite part/moment into a short form video (below 2:20 minutes) and repurpose it onto Twitter with your own thoughts, we really like that.




Tweets that come across as “shilling” or promotional will not be rewarded. This is an experimental campaign and may need to be adjusted over time.