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You have officially been invited to participate in Wave 3 of the private beta. Here is what you need to do:

Disclaimer: The values of testnet tokens are not accurate. The amount of DAI/MKR you will earn on this beta are much less (10-100x) less than what is to be expected on mainnet. Additionally, similar to Uniswap, the XIO Dapp will eventually have hundreds of tokens (not just DAI/MKR)

Step One: Tweet

Create a Twitter account if you don’t have one already and tweet the following message below. Make sure to enter your own ETH address at the end.

Hey @XIO_Network, I am requesting access to the XIO #Flashstaking Beta.
Please send Rinkeby testnet tokens to ENTER ETH ADDRESS HERE

Step Two: Beta

Within a minute or so, you should be sent 2500 XIO and 0.025 ETH on the Rinkeby testntet. Once you make sure you are using Rinkeby, you can immediately start staking at

While not required, if you would like to add the testnet tokens to your wallet, you can add the following contracts:

XIO: 0x5d3069cbb2bfb7ebb9566728e44eafdac3e52708
MKR: 0xf9ba5210f91d0474bd1e1dcdaec4c58e359aad85
DAI: 0xc7ad46e0b8a400bb3c915120d284aafba8fc4735


Step Three: Questions

If you get confused or have any questions, join our Private Beta group on Telegram!