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The XIO Incubator is a network Collaborators focused on the growth and development of XIO Companies. Through a three step process, Companies accepted into the Incubator receive the necessary support system for growth.

1) Explore 

Companies must fill out a formal application directly on the BOMBX.IO website. The acceptance of a Company is measured through four criteria.

  • Technology: What are you building and why does it matter.
  • Timeline: What phase are you in the development process.
  • Tokenomics: Does your token economic system scale.
  • Team: Who is the team behind the development.


2) Expedite 

If accepted into the Incubator, the second phase is the creation of a custom game plan to expedite and accelerator growth. There are four friction points and areas in which our Collaborators focus on supporting.

  • Liquidity Connections to exchanges and Angel investors.
  • Legal: Compliance and international incorporation.
  • Tokenomics: Changing or adjusting tokenomic structure.
  • Marketing: Mass adoption and industry awareness.


3) Explode

Once a strategic game plan is determined and accepted by both parties, the vision is launched into the world through an Exclusive Incubator Offering (XIO). Only holders of the XIO Token are eligible to participate.

XIO Citizens are introduced to the project.

XIO Collaborators begin assisting where needed.

XIO Companies receive necessary capital and support.