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In the game of Monopoly, it is a common game theory that you need money to make money. In most businesses, upfront capital is required to invest in, acquire, or build a bigger empire.

However, the invention of the internet turned everything upside down. The cost of creation is exponentially decreasing and the upside of innovation is increasing at scale.

Our expenses no longer have to be allocated to physical stores or expensive hardware. Instead, computers move the burden of cost away from capital intensive items to less measurable forms of currency: time, energy, talent.

In a value-based economy, rather than telling the world what your company is worth, you let the market decide your value. This new concept enables the fastest way to find out if your idea has a true need/demand and creates consistently aligned motivations and benefits over an ICO.

  • Expedites the process of finding out if your idea is worth building.
  • Decreases wasteful resources of time, energy, and effort.
  • Enables an immediately passionate community from day one.
  • Aligns your development roadmap with that of the token holders.
  • Creates a continuous feedback loop of external input and improvements.

The BOMB XIO Standard is a new and alternative system in which to launch ideas into the world, at scale.

Value + Market = Capital