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The XIO Ecosystem is comprised of three different inhabitants, each with their own purpose, value, and role. Companies + Collaborators + Citizens XIO is separated into three branches of governance:

The Incubator is where XIO Collaborators offer their services to the XIO Companies that get accepted into the network. These services include market adoption, tokenomics, liquidity, and legal.

The District is where XIO Citizens assist the growth, feedback, and adoption of XIO incubated companies. In return for these services, Citizens are eligible for exclusive BombDrop opportunities.

The Syndicate is where angel investors offer XIO companies with needed capital through a private OTC Network. To be accepted into the Syndicate, members must manage more than $100,000 in cryptocurrency assets. Individuals who are accepted into the Syndicate receive OTC opportunities that help provide XIO Companies with early level capital for operating expenses.