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The cost of sending Ethereum transactions has hit all time highs. We need to figure out how to react to this to ensure a successful launch. Let’s figure it out together.

Which one of the three routes discussed in the video do you think we should explore? What are the pros and cons of these different options?


Option One: Continue as Planned

Pros: We can stay on “schedule”

Cons: Only whales can afford to participate. Volatile XIO swings because of Uniswap integration with Public Portals with possible initial downward pressure.


Option Two: Explore and Integrate Layer 2 Solutions

Pros: Exponentially less gas costs

Cons: Additional development needed, Still doesn’t prevent volatile XIO price/downward pressure with public portals.


Option Three: Explore L2 + Move Towards V3

Pros: Fixes downward pressure and volatility of XIO token. Future proof. Saves auditing costs

Cons: Additional development needed


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