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XIO is a proof-of-time flashstaking protocol that enables the time travel of money. Any user of the protocol can lock capital today and earn capital from tomorrow. 

Today we are releasing four new reports that document this technology and our gameplan to bring it to reality.

  1. XIO Blackpaper v3: An 18-page report with more documentation and insight than ever before.
  2. The Path to v3: What is the plan moving forward and how did we come to this decision?
  3. XIO Dev Insider: A new layer of transparency on our development priorities and process.
  4. XIO L2 Research: A 14-page report on Layer 2 scaling solutions and our takeaways.

1 | XIO Blackpaper v3

Today we are releasing the first ever look at the XIO Blackpaper, an 18 page open-source document that provides more insight and clarity to the XIO protocol than ever before.

You may notice that we have left comments available on the document. If you would like to participate in the #XIOsocial campaign, we are asking for your help to make this Blackpaper as clear, insightful, and helpful as possible. To earn XIO Social credits, make a thoughtful comment or question on any portion of the document.

Need extra clarity on something? Think a certain part sounds really cool? Is there a part of the protocol you think may leave us vulnerable to attacks? Anything and everything, let us know. We want and need your input to crowdsource this Blackpaper into reality!

xVault: Autonomous Venture Fund

Within the Blackpaper, you will see the first ever mention of the xVault: the world’s first autonomous venture fund. Built on top of the XIO protocol, there are three major differences between XIO and traditional venture funds.

Instead of being managed by a small group of VCs to source and scrounge for the next unicorns, the portfolio of assets is managed entirely by XIO Citizens.

Instead of risking capital, operators of the fund stake digital tokens into startups they believe in while retaining 100% control and custody of their money at all time.

Instead of capital being earned only when a startup exits or gets acquired, yields within the xVault are earned immediately and upfront.

The xVault vision is to support the next generation of decentralized innovation.


2 | The Path to V3

This is a 7-page document that expands on the decision to upgrade XIO into v3 architecture, the major development milestones ahead, and the game plan moving forward.

We hope our Citizens can see through the amount of research and thought put into the information above, we did not take this v3 decision lightly. Understanding a short term detour would set up XIO for long term sustainability and success, the decision slowly became a no brainer.

While it is not 100% possible to know exactly how much additional time this upgrade we create, deeper research showed us that it is much less than originally anticipated. To expedite the v3 architecture and reaffirm how confident we are in this direction, we brought on two new full time developers.

With the new coding brain power, the entire v3 architecture design, token model, and governance structure is on pace to be completed this week. That is the hardest and some of the most time intensive part of the process.

XIO is a proof-of-time protocol. The more time you put in, the greater the yield. Being an active and engaged Citizen is no different. The Citizens who trust in the process and are able to trade a little time to help us launch properly are the Citizens we want to attract.

We know. We get it. We understand the eagerness and anticipation for mainnet is at an all-time high and the question everyone wants to know is when when launch?

Nobody wants to hit the mainnet more than we do.  

At the same time, we are here to build a project that completely changes the way humans interact with and think of money. That takes time, and we are going to do it right. We believe the future is bright for XIO and could not be more appreciative for your continuous support along the way. 


3 | XIO Development Insider

To bring extra transparency to the journey of hitting mainnet, today we are launching a new public and community shared document called the XIO Dev Insider.

Within this document, you will see our current development goals, their status of completion, and short term sprint goals that will be updated on a weekly basis for anyone to view.

Flashstaking Competition

This Flashstaking Competition is a contest to see who can earn the most yield while using the XIO v3’s first real world application the xVault: An autonomous venture fund.

While the competition will be facilitated on the Ethereum testnet, real rewards will be earned in the process. At this time, we estimated rewards for this competition will range from $10,000 to $100,000

Why so much?

For one, we believe this competition will provide a great activity to maintain energy and participation from the community without losing a beat on the original development timeline.

Second and most importantly, having this amount of people using the protocol in a financially incentivized manner will give us an extremely accurate case study for how the protocol will be used on mainnet. 

While we do have a massive security audit planned from a third party firm, we believe this competition will provide real world feedback and expose possible vulnerabilities.

To participate, make sure you are an XIO Citizen and be on the lookout for updates on social and email.


4 | Layer 2 Scaling Research Paper

Before we made any decisions for the future of XIO, we did massive research on Layer 2 scaling solutions and what this could mean for XIO.

While there are two pages in the XIO Blackpaper that show our takeaways, we are also releasing our full 14 page research paper of every option we looked at. Hopefully other projects who may be going through similar scaling issues may find this information valuable.


XIO Social Credits

If you would like to earn #XIOsocial credits on this, we are asking for feedback, questions, and thoughtful comments on the Blackpaper. There are four places you can participate by responding and including your XID.

  1. The most XIO Social credits you can earn will be by commenting on the official XSI Forum.
  2. You can leave a comment directly on the Youtube video
  3. You can leave a comment directly on the Blackpaper document
  4. You can respond on Twitter by replying directly to the Blackpaper announcement tweet.