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$XIO is an interest generating governance token used to identify and support the growth of blockchain projects. This is accomplished by:

  • Value Consensus: XIO tokens are used to stake and measure the value consensus of blockchain projects (v1)
  • Stake Rewards: XIO tokens are used to facilitate the distribution of rewards to Stakers + Makers (v2)
  • Protocol Governance: XIO tokens are used to vote and regulate the interest rate of the Network (v3)


Using a newly developed crowdstaking model, XIO helps identify high-potential blockchain projects by bringing the Network to a value consensus.

Instead of investing or transferring ETH to show confidence in a project, XIO Citizens stake their tokens for a pre-determined amount of time.

The confidence level (stake vote) in a blockchain project is based on (i) how many tokens are staked (stake quantity) and (ii) how long the tokens are staked (stake duration).


There are two types of users that receive rewards for participating in the XIO Network: Stakers + Makers


Stakers are the Citizens that lock their tokens and help the Network reach value consensus.

Instead of receiving a share of block rewards for helping secure the network (validators) like in PoS, Citizens of XIO receive a share of the stake rewards generated from the Network.


Makers are any individuals or projects that provide liquidity to the XIO Network.

Anyone can become a Maker by adding ETH to the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. In addition to earning 0.3% of every trade, Makers have the benefit of receiving a portion of all stake rewards generated by the Network.

Stakers + Makers

Together, Stakers and Makers provide the need supply and demand for the network. The percentage of stake rewards for each will change overtime based on the supply/demand of startups and liquidity.


XIO launched as a centralized platform in December of 2019 and will gradually transition to a 100% decentralized protocol over the next years. To accomplish this, all major decisions of the protocol will be voted on and decided by XIO token holders (Citizens).

  • Interest Rate: What should the distribution rate of the XIO token be when staked?
  • Staker Reward Rate: What portion of the stake rewards should go to Stakers?
  • Maker Reward Rate: What portion of the stake rewards should go to Makers?
  • Min-Max Stake Quantity: Should there be min or max amount of tokens someone can stake?
  • Min-Max Stake Duration: Should there be a min or max amount of time someone should have to stake?


As an ERC-20 token, XIO runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Token Contract: 0x0f7f961648ae6db43c75663ac7e5414eb79b5704
  • Circulating Supply: 11,412,320 (Updated 2/26/2020)
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000


Liqudity is extremely important to facilitate the staking and distribution of rewards on the XIO Network. For this reason, 100% of the focus is currently spent on building a healthy liquidity pool on Uniswap.


Did XIO perform an ICO?

No. All XIO tokens were given away for free to the Citizens who helped get the project off the ground. As part of the ethos of the project, XIO has never taken any capital and aims to prove startups don’t need a crazy influx of upfront money to create amazing things. Money is only the middle-man between ideas and innovation, not the pre-cursor.

Have more questions?

We are actively adding to the FAQ. Join our Telegram chat if you have any question!