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Yesterday we launched Wave One of the XIO Dapp Private Beta. Let’s take a walk and talk about our biggest takeaways so far.

The number one takeaway has been front-end UX complexities. It is simply too noisy right now. We 100% agree and feel it may be best to separate the Dapp into the two separate value props of $XIO: Public vs. Private Portals).

For more context on the difference of these:

Public Portals are powered by Uniswap pools. Any token that has a pool on Uniswap can be earned with Public portals. The main benefit or Public Portals is they are simple and straight forward for users. All interest is earned 100% upfront and immediately. This may be best for beginners who don’t want a lot of options.

Private Portals are powered by blockchain startups. Any project can create a private portal and earn capital. The main benefit of Private Portals is customization options like whitelisting, unique interest rates, and vested payouts. More complex and similar to #YieldFarming for users.

To help delineate these Dapps, we may or may not have acquired the following twitter handle and domain names