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XIO Update Breakdown

  • XLP sets record for $750,000 in rewards, resetting debt to $0 and reducing rate of future distributions
  • XIO Council commits additional 300 ETH + 300 ETH worth of XIO to XLP through 2020
  • XIO Dapp development and timeline is on schedule with Wave 2 of Private Beta set to on-board 100 new Citizen

Record Breaking XLP Rewards

This week the XLP distributed a record $750,000+ worth of rewards to those participating the XIO Liquidity Program. We could not be more excited to reward the XIO Citizens for their early support and patience for the XLP. It is extremely well deserved.

With the recent update to the XLP in August, rewards will now be paid on a monthly basis. This means from here on out, we should never see this amount of tokens being distributed at once. Moving to monthly distributions will help streamline the XLP along with resetting the XIO Debt to $0 each month.

We believe this recent distribution will give new and current XLP participants a perfect opportunity to reposition their assets and risk/reward tolerance moving forward. As a reminder, your XLP rewards are based on how much XIO you deposit, so any decrease in the price of XIO will require less ETH.

XIO’s Council Commits Additional 300 ETH + XIO to XLP

To showcase our continuous commitment to the XLP and confidence in the program moving forward, a member of the XIO Council has committed to providing an additional 300 ETH + 300 ETH worth of XIO. These tokens are to remain locked in the XLP through the entire year of 2020.

You can view the first deposit of 150 ETH here. Another 150 ETH will be deposited before September.

As a reminder, if you would like to begin earning from the XLP in September, you must deposit into the XLP before September 1st.

Wave 2 of Beta Inviting 100+ New Citizens

Two weeks ago, we opened Wave One of the Private XIO Beta. It has been a huge help in adjusting important UI/UX aspects and cleaning up some back-end architecture.

Starting this week, we will be inviting 100+ new XIO Citizens to be part of Wave 2 of the Beta. Be on the lookout in your email and telegram DM’s for invitation.

This transition to Wave 2 keeps XIO development and roadmap on track to mainnet public launch.