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How much can I earn?

Rewards currently range from 5-15% per month based on how long you lock tokens into the XLP. Rewards are paid out on a monthly basis from the 15th to the 20th based on what you earned in the previous month. To calculate how much XIO you can expect to earn, we use the XLP Formula below:

[ XLP Interest Rate * XLP Deposit Balance * XLP Multiplier ]

  • The XLP Interest Rate is currently 5% and is based on how many Funds are in the XLP.
  • The XLP Deposit Balance is how much XIO the Citizen deposits. Each deposit is treated separately.
  • The XLP Multiplier ranges from 1.2x to 3x depending on how many calendar months you have completed.

Please reference the image below and view multiple examples in this article to properly understand the rewards before participating.

How do I start?

If you are ready to dive in, you will need 1 ETH worth of XIO + 1 ETH, a Web3 Wallet, and access to Uniswap. Here are the six steps to joining.

Important Disclaimers
  1. If you withdraw any XIO from the XLP for any reason, you will no longer earn rewards. This means if you make monthly Deposits of 100 XIO for 15 months, and in the 15th month you withdraw 10 XIO, you will stop earning interest of any kind and your multiplier will reset. All previous deposits will never earn any more XIO rewards. All future add liquidity will earn rewards. If you withdraw any amount we recommend you withdraw all of it and then after that add some back if you want to still earn any rewards.
  2. The XLP is a continuously evolving program that we are trying to make better each and every day. With this, we must make it clear that XLP and the rewards structure within it is subject to change as needed by the XIO Foundation.



We are constantly adding to this FAQ. If you have any immediate questions that don’t seem to be answered in this article, please join our XLP specific Telegram Group.


Is Uniswap Safe?

While we certainly believe Uniswap is safe, we need to make it known that XIO does not control Uniswap. We at the XIO Foundation have no control over lost funds to Uniswap.

That said, Uniswap is one of the most used smart contracts in crypto and known to many across the industry as a liquidity leader. It is a technology built on a smart contract with no central authority.

Here is a massive security audit performed by ConsenSys.


When Can I Withdraw?

You can withdraw funds from Uniswap at any time. You control this 100%. As a reminder, any withdrawal of funds resets your multiplier and you will no longer earn XIO rewards.

Where can I see more rewards examples?

Go here:

What are the Requirements to be Eligible?

What if I want to lock more XIO?

You can add to your XLP Stake whenever you want. Your reward will be calculated at a pro-rata based on when you Staked your new XIO.

What if the price of XIO or ETH Changes?

How is the Price on Uniswap Calculated?

This formula is surprisingly simple. Watch this video if you want a deeper understanding of the price.

Where can I find the XLP on Uniswap?

Where can I find the XLP Funds wallet?